Tolani Motwane Institute of Management Studies

(Recognized by AICTE & Affiliated to GTU)

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes (PO) are the broad statements that describe what students are expected to be able to do by the end of the program.

PO1Domain Knowledge: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
PO2Industry knowledge / Business Skills: Integrate and apply skills and knowledge across business disciplines to effectively manage in dynamic environments.
PO3Analysis: Develop analytical and critical thinking abilities to scan and critically analyse the environment for effective decision making. Analyse and synthesize information across disciplines/functions in order to evaluate business opportunities and make sound business decisions
PO4Communication: Assess and develop the ability to communicate effectively (speak, listen, read, write) with the internal and external stakeholders, and create an environment where effective communication can occur.
PO5International / Global Orientation: Demonstrate and apply global (cultural, political, historical, geographic, environmental, and economic) perspectives to decision- making within a complex and changing world context.
PO6Leadership: Demonstrate personal responsibility and awareness of self and others; build effective teams; influence and enable others to improve organizational effectiveness.
PO7Ethics and Social Responsibility: Prioritize social and human values, personal and professional ethics and corporate social responsibility; during any business decision making.
PO8Entrepreneurship: Possess self-sustaining entrepreneurship qualities that encourage calculated risk taking.
PO9Lifelong learning: Recognition of the need for continuous self-development to be able to adapt to and excel in the dynamic business environment.

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