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We introduce ourselves as Tolani Motwane Institute of Management Studies (TMIMS) (Previously known as TIMS), a leading management institute founded in 1995 with the mission of promoting excellence in the field of management education and to prepare managers to meet the challenges of the new millennium. TIMS was rated as an “A+” grade management institute by Business India Survey. TMIMS has gained tremendous attraction both from students and corporate on the ground of producing ethically & morally strong qualitative managers since more than two decades of its existence.

I am pleased to draw your kind attention and Invite you to submit your research paper to our research periodical (AUGUST 2020 Issue) “Quest-Journal of Management and Research” (ISSN: 0976-3317), by 25th July 2020.


Quest - Journal of Management & Research (QUEST JOURNAL) is a referred Research Journal, which aims to promote the theory and practice of Business and Management. QUEST JOURNAL will act as a medium for the dissemination of a variety of international issues, empirical research and other matters of interest to scholars, researchers, and practitioners in a diversity of subject areas linked to the broad theme of Business and Management.

Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal. Quest is steered by a distinguished Board of Directors, Researchers, and Academicians and is supported by an international review board consisting of prominent individuals representing many well-known universities, colleges, and corporate world.

To maintain a high-quality journal, manuscripts that appear in the Quest have been subjected to a rigorous review process. This includes blind reviews by three or more members of the editorial review board, followed by a detailed review by the Quest editors.


All papers will be incorporated into a bound volume of Journal, which will be available on arrival at the Journal. Selected papers will be published in an appropriate issue of the journal. Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not under consideration for publication with other journals. If copyrighted material is used, the author should obtain the necessary copyright release and submit it along with the manuscript. Once a paper is accepted, authors are assumed to cede copyrights of the paper over to Quest. All papers will be acknowledged and referred.


Full-text papers (.doc) will be accepted only by E-mail:

Send your Research Paper on or before 25th July 2020. Papers received after the given date will be considered for the next issue.

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Dr. Pratibha Nair
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