The Orientation Program for the new students of batch 2014-16 was organized for three days, i.e during 10.07.2014 and 12.07.2014.

On the first day, the inaugural ceremony began with the blessings from Madam Anjana Hazari, President, Gandhidham Collegiate Board. She advised the students to live by moral values with hard-work, honesty and self-discipline Thereafter, all the faculty, staff and the new students self-introduced themselves.

This was followed by the welcome address of Dr. Sampada Kapse, Director, TIMS and Speech about the Tolani Vidya Mandir Campus by Prof. L.H. Daryani, campus director, GCB. Prof Deepa Mishra was the master of the ceremony and she also proposed the vote of thanks.

After the inaugural ceremony, four sessions on various systems/ rules were conducted as follows :
1. Ice-braking by Prof. Hitendra Lachhwani and Dr. Bhavesh Vanparia
2. Learning methodoly by Dr. Tejash Pujara
3. Summer intern ship and Final placement by Prof. Hitendra Lachhwani and Dr. Sushil Chaurasia.
4. Alumni relations by Prof. Pratibha Nair

During the orientation, two guest lectures from the industry were organized, one on the second day by Mr. Venkatesh Sharma, Asst. VP and Branch Head, AXIS Bank, Gandhidham on the topic ‘ Industry expectations from management graduates’ and two
on the third day by Mr. Rajkumar Assudani, Head-Operations, Praj Industries Ltd., Gandhidham on the topic ‘ Business school and beyond’.

Again during second and the third day, four more session were conducted on the systems of the institute.
1. Evaluation and grading system by Prof. P.S. Ganguly and CMA Ashutosh Bhambhani
2. Your life and TIMS PGDM by CMA Ashutosh Bhambhani
3. Sports activities, House-keeping and Discipline in the campus by Mr. Mohan Malkani, Administration Officer and Dr. Suresh Lalwani, Librarian
4. Extra and Co-curricular activities by Dr. Kinjal Ahir, Dr. Bhavesh Vanparia and Prof. Dhara Jhala

Apart from the academic sessions, the new students had a session of Interaction with seniors, under the guidance of Dr. Kinjal Ahir, Dr. Bhavesh Vanparia and Prof. Dhara Jhala, with fun and frolic.
On the third day, the students were taken to the Systems Division and Library. Explaining the rules and timing, they were encouraged to take this opportunity to utilize these facilities for the enhancement of their knowledge and creativity.

At the end, they were provided with the text books for Semester I. The new students had a wonderful and exciting experience during these three days of orientation, different from their under graduate colleges.

Prove yourself : Atulyam 2014

img062The word ‘Education’ has been derived from different words. Latin word, ‘E’ and ‘Duco’, means to draw out of, the inner qualities of the child.

We, as TIMS FAMILY, did brainstorming, and decided to do something, to draw out creativity and talent of Kachchh students, and we came with the idea, “ATULYAM”. ATULYAM-Prove yourself-2014 was held on 2nd of January, 2014 at TIMS.

ATULYAM means, non-comparable…..Showcasing talents, achievements & beyond!

The Tag line, “Prove yourself” does not mean, only competition, but it also means, Use your full potential to achieve your goal…

There will always be a point, in life, when you have to prove yourself to others. ATULYAM is one of them.

Quiz, Ad Mad show and Extempore, for showcasing the academic excellence of students. Poster making and Rangoli for drawing out the creativity of students and One Min Game is for magnifying your potential to meet your target.

The event started with an inaugural ceremony by lighting of the lamp by Madam Anjana Hazare (President Gandhidham Collegiate Board), Prof. H K Kripalani, (Administrator GCB), Prof. L H Daryani (Campus Director, Tolani Vidhya Manadir)in presence of the other dignitaries.

Dr. Sampada Kapse (Director, TIMS) welcomed the guests and participants and briefed them about achievements of TIMS, whereas Madam Anjana Hazare inspired the participant to perform to their best and Prof. Deepa Mishra briefed the aprticiapnts about atulyam 2014.

We invited, all the colleges of Kachchh to participate in one day district level competition for students.We received the participation from 15 colleges from across the all major city of Kachchh.
There are _17__ team and total _32___students participated in Quiz.

There are _8__ team and total __45__students participated in Ad Mad Show

There are _11__ team and total __31__students participated in Extempore

There are _10__ team and total _33___students participated in Rangoli

There are _09__ team and total __23__students participated in Poster Making

There are _17__ team and total __67__students participated in One Min Game.

Total _72__ team and collectively _231__ students participated in ATULYAM-2014.

In the valedictory function Prof. (CMA) A J Bhmbhani introduced the judges of the all different events and congratulated them to be able to do a fair and good judgement in all the competitions. To maintain the transparency, and fairness in, evaluation of all these activities, we called external expert judges, from respective field, and also students of TIMS were not allowed to participate. Judges for different competitions were:

  • Prof. Rajendra Kubavat, Media Executive
  • Prof. Deepak Kanijya Principla, Z N Patel MSW College, Bhuj
  • Prof. Ramesh Lauhana, Vice Principal Tolani Arts and Science College, Adipur & Media Representative Kutch Mitra
  • Prof. Archana Kela, Principal, Tolani Institute of Commerce
  • Prof. Hasmukh Kathiriya, Faculty, Smt. V D Thakker Bed College, Gandhidham
  • Prof. N. Taglani, Faculty, Tolani Commerce College, Adipur
  • Prof. Rashmi Ramrakhyani, Faculty, DNV Educational Academy
  • Mr. Zubin Pujara, Head Pujara Tutorials, Bhuj

The prizes were given away by Prof. H K Kriplani, Dr. Sampada Kapse and Prof. Deepa Mishra respectively to

1st Prize (Rs. 7000, Trophy and Certificate) : Sanskar Institute of Management and Information Technology, Bhuj

2nd Prize (Rs.5000, Trophy and Certificate): Smt. V.D.Thakker College, Gandhidham

3rd Prize (Rs.3000,Trophy and Certificate): KSKV Kachchh University, Department of Commerce and Management, Bhuj.

The participants and judges of the event congratulated TIMS for organizing a well-managed event and to be able to provide to wide variety of opportunities to the students. They also whole heartedly appreciated the efforts and contribution of the TIMS students who volunteered during the event for perfect execution of the event.

Prove Yourself Atulyam 2014 was organized under the guidance of Dr. Smapada Kapse by Faculty Coordinators Prof. Deepa Mishara and Dr. Bhavesh Vanpariya where in the Students Co-ordinator : Himansu Verma, Ankita Palan, Prem Shamanani, Anjali Amvani played a crucial role in supporting the event with other 25 students of TIMS. All members of TIMS family enthusiastically supported in the coordinating various activities to make this event a great success.




Cultfest 2014
Games Times Venue Faculty Co-Ordinator Student Co-Ordinator
Innaugration 7.30 to 8.30 am Back Stadiam
Creativity BOV and KVA Mayank Kholiya and Pavan
Tug of War 8.30 to 9.15 am Entrance AJB & Virambhai Kruti and Harsh
Bull and bear 9.00am onwards Computer Lab TVP and SSK Kiran and Mohit Sangtani
Cricket 09:30 to 1:00 Gopal Stadium SSC adnVirambhai Pratik and Jigar
Know-Quiz 9:30 to 11:00 New Audi PVN and HHL Samiksha and Bipin Solanki
Black Box 11:15 to 12:15 Entrance MCR and Jiamam Deepali and Nancy
Salad Making for Boys 12:30 to 1:30 Entrance PSG and Priyanka Khushma and kuldeep
Best out of waste 12:30 to 1:30 Class rooms SSK and Hemamam Grishma and Khushboo
Lunch 1:30 to 2:15 Entrance
Ad. Mad Show 2:15 to 3:30 New Audi PGS and SSC Dimple and Mayur
Satoliya 3:45 to 4:45 Back Stage HHL and Sureshsir Keval and Himanshu
King’s Demand 5:00 to 6:00 TIMS Square MCR and PVN Girija and Sumeet
Fast & Furious 06:00 to 7:00 New audi Jiamam and TVP Jagruti and Ashirwad
Extempore 7:30 to 8:30 New Audi SSC and MCR Ashtha and Harshika
Story Making 7:30 to 8:30 Ground audi AJB and MNN Kruti and Aparna
One Minutes 8:30 to 9:30 New audi PVN and Hemamam Bhumika and Vanisha
Antaksari 9:45 to 10:45 New Audi Priyankamam and HHL Pooja T and Swati Singh
Rangmanch 11:00 to 1:00 Class room SSK and AJB Poonam and Kapil
Lunch 1:00 to 1:45 Entrance
Slow bike\3-Leg\Brik 1:45 to 2:45 Gopal Stadium TVP, Sureshsir and Mehulsir Rajesh and Simran
Counter strik 1:45 to 3:00 Computer Lab Mehulsir and Virambhai Arvind and Jagdeep
Break 3:00 to 6:00
Culfest Eve 6:00 to 8:00 PRABHUDARSHAN BOV and DMM Sagar Tanna
Music Instument
Dancing (Solo)
Dancing (Group)





Kaka’s Birthday Celeberation

Gandhidham Collegian board with the partial fulfillment of Tolani Vidhaya Mandir had arrange a programed on “KAKA’s” birthday in which many colleges under with in the campus has participated on the very day 24th August,2013. Tolani Institute of Management Studies had participated in this event as following the theme “The Heritage of India”. Students of 1st and 2nd year of Management College had beautifully elaborated the theme by presenting different activities i.e. Yoga, Democracy, Ayurveda, Mathematics & Literature (documentary), Agriculture and different culture by presenting their folks dance. The students had presented in this activity by showing that what India had given to world. The Whole event is beautifully covered within eight minutes.

Janmashtami Celebration

The auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with religious fervour on 29 August, 2013 at Tolani Institute of Management Studies.
The birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated in a traditional manner with “DAHI HANDI” celebration.
All the students offered their contribution and followed it up with singing songs and dance devoted to Lord Krishna.
Faculties from the adjoining areas too participated in the celebrations.
Several students observed fast on the occasion and arrangements were put in place to distribute the chocolates at the end of the celebration. With the help of Event Co-ordinator Bhavesh Motiyani & Pavan Manhwani.

Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers Day Celebration was organized by TOLAMI INSTTUTE OF MANAGEMENT ON 6/09/2013 the celebration concluded with students participating in various competitions like Balloons, Robbins, Doors of faculties, Pot in entrance, Hangings, Stairs Rangoli Entrance Mouse Pad, N.B. Chart Hangings, Notice Board, Note Pad Banner, Planner, Classroom, Poster on Entrance, Flower Pot File Folder.

Group Sr. No. Name Of Student Presented item
1 Vijay ,Jitendra TIMS LOGO
2 ArvindSukhpreetRahulDebendraPratik


3/1 Grishma, Samiksha ,Sapna, Dimple,AnjaliManmeet,Jiger Doors of faculties,Pot in entrance,Hangings,Stairs
4 BhaveshChirag, Mayank Rangoli Entrance
5 Mehul, Vijeta,Mansi,Ankita.A Mouse Pad, N.B. Chart Hangings,
6 Ankita.P,Radhika NoticeBoard
7 Geetika, Deepa. Note Pad
8 Himanshu ,Hina ,Barkha Banner,file
9 Samar,Munna ,Hemangi,Girija Planner,classroom
10 Keval,Surbhi Poster on Entrance
11/3 Pooja.S,Mayur Flower Pot
12/2 Sagar,Maitri File Folder
Hobby Classes

Hobbies enhance our wellbeing and give more meaning to our life”

To make overall development of Future Managers, TIMS has undertaken a new task Hobby Classes for cultivating hobbies. Students were asked their area of interests among various varied activities like Music, Dance, Cooking, Trecking, Painting, Karathe, and Aerobics.

Recently Music Classes have been started, under which students are taught Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals as per their interest. Music Teacher is appointed for them and students are trained in the college itself. All other activities are also to be started in short span of time.


Industrial Visit – 2013

Batch 2013-2015
Corporate Relations Cell of Tolani Institute of Management studies organized an industrial visit for its first year PGDM students to Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd, one of the leading CNC machines manufacturing company. Visit was divided in two parts Batch A on 22-July-2013 and Batch B on 23-July-2013.
On behalf of Jyoti CNC, a warm welcome was accorded by Mr. Vincent Daba (HR Department) ,Ms Margi Pandya (Tims Alumni Batch 2008-10) & Mr. Ankit Pandya (Marketing Dept).The students were taken around the plant and were explained various manufacturing process. They interacted with students giving them a brief profile of the company, their facilities & its production processes of CNC machines
Faculty accompanied the students during both the days of visit.

Winners of Fresher’s Week
Childhood Day Tapori Day Traditional Day Ratro Day Twins Day
1st Parth 1st Nancy 1st Nancy 1st Nancy 1st Vipul
2nd Anjali 2nd Ashirvad, Mayur 2nd Simran
3rd Nancy 3rd Anjali 3rd Khushboo
Event Coordinators Students’ Club Coordinatoors
Sagar Tanna Prof. Deepa mishra
Keval Thacker Dr. Bhavesh vanpariya
Jagruti Lalwani
CoPoQui 2012

CoPoQui 2012 was a combined effort of Tolani Insitute of Management Studies in collaboration with Tolani Institute for Excellence. CoPoQui 2012 competition was a trio-combination of three competitions -co for Collage, Po for Poster making and Qui for quiz and thus CoPoQui competition. It was a team participation whereby from each institute a team of 10 students participated, 3 in Collage, 4 in Poster making and 3 in Quiz. Relatively, the weightage of Collage was 25%, Poster Making 25% and Quiz 50%. The theme given for collage was ‘Incredible India’ and for Poster making it was ‘Save the girl child’. CoPoQui is a running trophy won by the institute that would have scored the highest in all three competitions collectively. It was a humble attempt to provide a platform to multifaceted talent alongwith appreciating the importance of a team work. This competition was organized for the final year students of various institutes offering graduationlike BBA, BCom, B.Sc, B.ed., amongst others. Thus it provided the students an opportunity to interact, associate, make friends and stay connected to the students of other institutes as well. Participating students proved to be a fountain of creativity, art, logical thinking, knowledge, team buddies and many more skills. Around 90 plus students from about 12 colleges participated in the CoPoQui 2012 competition. Kutch being geographically a very vast spread district students came since early morning from far off places like Bhuj, Mandvi, Mundra, etc.

Mr. Sudhir M.R., an aritist and Ms. Alpa Puri, Manager, Commodities Trading, JMD Oils honoured as judges for the Collage competition and Mr. Kushagra Rawal, Head, PT Education and Mr. Dhiren Thanki, an artist honoured as judges for the Poster-making competition.

Finally the competition winners were as listed below:

OVERALL OF COPOQUI, i.e. the winner team of the running trophy:

FIRST PRIZE – Shri Sanskar Education Trust Sanchalit Sanskar Institute of Management & Information Technology (BBA Team)

SECOND PRIZE – Shri Karmaniketan Trust Sanchalit SRK Institute Of Management and Computer Education (BBA Team)

THIRD PRIZE – Shri Jalaram Kedavni Mandal Sanchalit Smt.V.D.Thacker College of Education.

First Prize By Category:

Collage: Shri Kachchh Samaj Kalyan Mandal Sanchalit Dr. H R Gajwani College of Education

Poster Making: Gandhidham Collegiate Board Sanchalit Tolani Commerce College

Quiz: Shri Sanskar Education Trust Sanchalit Sanskar Institute of Management & Information Technology (BBA Team)

Madame Anjana Hazari, President, Gandhidham Collegiate Board presided over the valedictory function in the presence of Prof. H.K.Kripalani, Administrator, Gandhidham Collegiate Board, all the judges, and participating students. After a floral welcome of the judges, the welcome address and a brief note about TIMS was delivered by Dr. Sampada Kapse, Director-PGDM, TIMS. Prof. Hitendra Lachhwani introduced the judges followed by the judges’ opinions about the event presented by Mr. Kushagra Rawal and Ms. Alpa Puri. Dr. Kinjal Ahir, declared the results and managed the prize distribution. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Prof. Manju Raisinghani. Ms. Grishma Parihar and Ms. Ekta Goyal were the comparers for the valedictory function. The event co-ordinators were Prof. Deepa Mishra and Dr. Kinjal Ahir, with co-operation from the Student’s activities club team Prof. Manju Raisinghani and Prof. Pratibha Nair.


Cast Your Vote – Drive

From 5th December To 12th December 2012

About the Institute

TIMS is an oasis of managerial development in Kachchh, with its flair to nurture the budding managers and enlightened potential leaders, shaped by its Vision, Mission, and its Values. TIMS was established in 1995 with the mission of promoting excellence in the field of management education in Kutch and is proud to promote the Vision of Madam J.H. Kanal, daughter of Late Kaka Pribhdas Tolani since last 17 years. TIMS has shaped over 1000 competent managers for the corporate arena. It was rated as an “A+” grade management institute by Business India Survey in 2012. TIMS provides two year full time management program (PGDM) with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and minor specialization in Port & Shipping. TIMS has strived through along, these years, “AIMING HIGH” in each stratum of its existence.

About the event

TIMS is proud to set ablaze the bonfire of talents and ideas of corporate social responsibilities among its students through SPARK, AWAAZ etc.

TIMS have been successfully organizing a social awareness event “AWAAZ – Ek behtar kal ke liye” for six consecutive years. It’s an endeavour of TIMS to create public awareness on current social issues through documentaries, skits & theme dance performed by the students.

In continuation with the same TIMS initiated ‘Caste Your Vote Drive’. We are lucky to be able to live through the exclusive historical day 12.12.12. Also this year Gujarat is going through assembly elections. And the ‘garvi gujaratis’ will cast their vote on 13th December & 17th December 2012. To celebrate these coinciding occasions our students pursued a ‘Cast Your Vote Drive’ to sensitize the youth and public at large to perform their duty.

Various activities were planned for creating consciousness among youth and general public to encourage them to exercise their ‘Right to Vote’.

Election Commission of India provided necessary support required to carry out the drive. This drive was taken up through various mediums to increase the reach to the youths and the general public.

A stimulative documentary (of 10 minutes) is prepared by TIMS students wherein they have creatively crafted their opinions on the constitutional Right to Vote. This documentary was showcased in colleges of Kutch District starting from 5th December to 12thDecember. This thought provoking documentary has also been uploaded on TIMS website (www.tims.ac.in), TIMS Facebook on YouTube to reach out to generation Z.

A short inspiring message (of 30 sec) through cinema hall in Gandhidham, Adipur and Bhuj was telecasted during the breaks in between the films.

To urge the public at large to exercise their franchise these documentaries were shown at the various public places in Adipur and Gandhidham.

To bang on the idea and keep the buzz word hoardings in Gandhidham and banners at various colleges, cinema halls, cafeteria’s, restaurants, banks, hospitals and other public places will be put up.

The event is being organized under the guidance of Gandhidham Collegiate Board, TIMS Faculty of Students Activities Committee (Prof. Manju Rainsinghani, Prof. Deepa Mishra, Dr. Kinjal Ahir & Prof. Pratibha Nair) the TIMS Students ( Ramdevsinh Zala, Jinasu Thakar and Vasudev Joshi) have developed these documentaries. Students of Promotion team lead by Vinod Wadhwani enthusiastically shouldered the responsibilities as coordinators of the event.

Other faculty, staff members and students have also provided their valuable contribution in making the event successful.

Culfest 2012-Battel of Warriors

Tolani Institute of Management studies organised its cultural festival, Culfest 2012 from 28th to 30th of December. All the students of TIMS were grouped into 6 different teams including TIMS faculty team. Culfest is a Battle of Warriors with lot of fun and frolic events. And thus, all the teams named themselves with names of warriors Aflatoon Avengers, Blitzers, Crazy Crunchers, Falming Pheonix, Savvy Stalwarts and Spartan Warriors.

These three days event consisted 20 events in all. Event began on 28th December with an inauguration where the teams were introduced and an oath was taken for fair participation and positive competitive spirit. Events including Intellectual Games like, Business Quiz, Bull And Bear, Ad Mad Show, Sports like Table Tennis, Cricket, Athletic Races, Satoliya; Fun Games Like Kings Demand ,Treasure Hunt , Black Box, Salad Making For Boys, Counter Strike And Creative Games Like Graffiti, Rangmanch, Fast N Furious, Creativity, Budding etc. were organized throughout two day.

Students get enthusiastic when they know where they stand and other teams on the score board. For that purpose a big banner has been placed in the campus to note down the scores of different teams. As per the tagline of the culfest BATTEL OF WARRIORS – everyday one of the six teams was declared warrior of the day on the basis of the highest score of that day. The three day culfest started with tug of war.

The eagerness to vigorously participate in a team and to showcase their talent was clearly evident in each of the student. Different skills of the students revealed as they were participating in different games. Every student was participated with real sportsmanship spirit. Team leaders had shown their leadership skills by placing their teammates in the right event and providing moral and other necessary support. Different games had their game coordinator and their responsibility was to manage the game within provided time. And it was seen that all the events were completed within the given time frame.

Aflatoon Avengers – TIMS faculty & staff also energetically participated in the different event like Tug of war, ad mad show, graffiti, creativity, table tennis, bull n bear etc. and outperformed in many of the events.

At the end on 30th December Culfest Eve was organized where the competition for solo singing, solo / dute dance and group dance was scheduled from 6:30 pm onwards. This was followed by high tea. The extended TIMS family – faculty & staff family members, students, and alumni were present in large numbers to grace the Eve.

From faculty side Ms. Garima Bhambhani performed dance number and Mr. Parth Pujara & Ms. Gota Pujara teamed up to perform in singing competition. They surprised everyone by their fantastic show.

At the end of Culfest, Savvy Stalwarts were declared as the winners whereas Spartan Worriers and Flaming Phoenix grabbed 2nd and 3rd position.

Dr. Sampada Kapse congratulated all for their wholehearted participation and appreciated the efforts of faculty coordinators, overall coordinators, team leaders, event coordinators and all faculty & staff members for their untiring efforts to make the event successful.

Every culfest brings some new & innovative idea and change. Management can be learnt from event like culfest. Actually culfest demonstrate the culture of TIMS and also depicts the feelings of TIMS family. It is being organised keeping in mind the objective of passing and sharing the same culture of TIMS to Juniour students. It is the platform where seniors and juniors come together and it increase the cohesiveness between them. Culfest brings out the hidden talents of the students. Thus, Culfest has witnessed enjoyment, refreshment, enthusiasm, sportsmanship spirit and management learning.

Culfest 2012 was organized under the leadership of Dr. Smapada Kapse (Director – PGDM) by student activity team (Prof. Manju Raisinghani, Dr. Kinjal Ahir, Prof. Pratibha Nair and Prof. Deepa Mishra). Faculty coordinators for the Culfest 2012 were Prof. Pratibha Nair and Prof. Deepa Mishra. TIMS students Kinjal Pokar, Kaushik Snaghani, Shakti Vaghela and Sudhir Goyal shouldered the responsibility as overall coordinators.

Awaaz’12 – Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye

30th November 2012

TIMS have been successfully organizing a social awareness event “AWAAZ – Ek behtar kal ke liye” for six consecutive years. It’s an endeavour of TIMS to create public awareness on current social issues through documentaries, skits & theme dance performed by the students.

Looking at the overwhelming response to this social awareness program with in Gandhidham we expanded the horizon to reach to create social awareness in other cities also. Taking to the tradition one step ahead, this year, TIMS is organized AWAAZ at Rajkot.

The students present their ideas on various issues like “Too young to Drive”, “Global Warming” “Right to Vote” “Social Networking” “Countless tears and tiring eyes” “Black Magic” “Save the Girl Child” “Thalassemia””, save Water etc.

The internal competition was held for students of TIMS at the institute on the documentaries prepared by them. This time along with the documentaries, students were asked to prepare the short advertisement on various social themes. Following are the names of students who won the prize

1st Prize Munna And Samar
2nd Prize Sagar Tanna
3rd Prize Vijay Baswani

For Advertisement

Munna and Samar Won the Prize

Budget 2013

TIMS organized a discussion on Union budget 2012-13 on 16th March 2013. This time TIMS had arranged the budget discussion for the students.

Following students participated in the budget discussion

For Documentary

1. Ankita Palan
2. Poonam Advani
3. Samiksha Gidwani
4. Vijay Baswani
5. Mansi Ganatra
6. Jagruti Lalwani

Students expressed their views on various issues related to indirect taxes, direct taxes, infrastructure and investment, women empowerment and education, finance and agriculture, fiscal deficit and its impact on Indian economy.

Following is the list of students who have participated in various other institutes across India

SR No. Nme of Students Activity Organized By Date Remarks
1 Kavita Aiyer Impact of Union Budget on Industries ICWAI & TIMS, Adipur 19th March, 2012 1st Rank
2 Ushma Shah Impact of Union Budget on Aam Aadmi ICWAI & TIMS, Adipur 19th March, 2012 2nd Rank
3 Vijeta Chawla & Maitri Thakar Debate Competition SGJ Institute of Management and IT 1st and 3rd March, 2013 1st Rank
4 Vasudev Joshi & Mayank Kholiya Stock Market Marwadi Education Rajkot 22nd Feb, 2013 Participated
5 Vijay Baswani & Mansi Ganatra Business Quiz Marwadi Education Rajkot 23rd Feb, 2013 Participated
6 Shivang Sachde Unleasong Innovation Across the Value chain – A Mantra for Growth AIMA, Mumbai 23rd and 24th August, 2012 Participated
Jay Bulchandani
7 Ekta Goyal Management Simulation Game AIMA Delhi 6 – 7 September , 2012 Participated
Karishma Bhavnani
Umang Goyal
8 Meet Gor Summer Project Competion and Business Quiz Competitions VMPIM, Mehsana October 2012 Participated
Hardik Choksi
Organizes State Level Summer Project Competition – SPARK’09
2008-09 Culfest

TIMS celebrated ‘CULFEST 2008-09’, from 31st December 2008 to 3rd January 2009, Competitions at TIMS CULFEST encompassed a wide range of talent, there was room for everyone here, be it musicians, dancers, orators, quizzers, actors, artists or sports person. Further, every year, variety is introduced in the competitions, posing a challenge for the competitors, and a refreshing change for the audience. Academic & professional events challenged the students on the front of management skills and knowledge, while the sports events challenged them on the front of physical stamina and other skills. The cultural events brought out the creativity of students and gave a platform to showcase divergent talents waiting to amaze all.