The Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Program  has  four  mutually  supportive  learning  segments:

Interactive Learning, Course Projects, Summer Internship and Final project.

The classroom discussion exposes the students to theory and concepts related to basic management discipline and management development issues through various core and elective courses.  The pedagogy of the program is highly interactive.  It  envisages  active participation  and  action oriented learning  for  the  students  which includes  lectures, case-studies, assignments, presentations, group discussions, business games, role plays, simulations, video films and industry  visits.

Six  weeks  Summer  Internship  provides  the  students  with  a  learning  opportunity  and  practical  work  experience  in organizations  of  repute.    This  helps  them  to  apply  the  management  concepts  learnt  in  the  classroom  to  real  life situations  and develop innovative  customised solutions to  the  major issues  faced  by the  organizations.  Final Project  is offered  in  the  second  year  to  undertake  long  term  studies  on  a  particular  topic  with a  view  to  provide  the  students  an opportunity  to  rigorously  analyze  and  apply  managerial insights  to  complex  management problems.


MBA Program Pedagogy

Interactive Learning

Group Discussion

Video Films

Case Discussion

Industrial Visits

Business Games

Classroom Discussion

Role Plays


Summer Internship

Final Project