Established  in 2016  ,  TMIMS,    has  the vision to be  instrumental  in  nurturing  the  dreams  and

aspirations  of  some  of  India’s  brightest  minds  through  a  mix  of  intensive  curricular  and  co-curricular  activities.

Since  inception,  TMIMS   is  progressively  moving  ahead  on  the  pathway  defined  by  its  mission  of  becoming  one of  the  best  management institute.

TMIMS is focused to producing ethically & morally strong qualitative managers since inception. The

program at TMIMS  is  aimed at developing in  each student, a mastery of fundamentals,  versatility of mind and motivation for  learning,  making them  leaders  of  the  highest  professional  competence.   Our students  acquire various  entrepreneurial  qualities  and  management  skills  by  organizing  and  executing  a  plethora  of events  and  fests  round  the  calendar .  The  state-of-the-art  infrastructure  at  the  campus  facilitates  the enhancement  of  knowledge,  skills  and  attitude.