Dear Recruiter,

Welcome to Tolani Motwane Institute of Management Studies (TMIMS) – Placement Season 2019!!

It is our great pride and privilege to present before you our young, energetic, zealous and potent batch of MBA who are ready with high energy, managerial skills and values, which will help your esteemed organization to combat with the challenges of the modern day corporate world.

The changing architypes have made mandatory for an academic institution to nurture a new breed of professional – individuals equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, ability to think out of box and to be innovative. Hard work is no more the only key to success; individuals are expected to work smarter and consistent without failure. The industry expectations have gone higher and only those survive and sustain who have the right attitude and skill set to accept challenges and increase the performance effectually.

Every TMIMS student is provided with highly professional environment of learning since day one. The institute dwells special prominence on inculcating corporate values and skills required for complex decisionmaking, above and beyond developing superior expertise on functional domains and garnering business knowledge. This is evident because of the fact that TIMS Alumni’s are serving at various top level managerial positions in organizations of high repute in India and also abroad.

We are pleased to be presenting the young and energetic MBA students of Batch 2017-2019 of TMIMS. They are confident, dynamic, committed and professional in their approach. It’s my privilege to invite you to visit our campus for the Final Placement of batch 2017-2019 & Summer Internship of batch 2018-2020.

Prof. Sagar Tanna

Faculty & Head, Corporate Relations

Tolani Motwane Institute of Management Studies.